The camper’s week focuses on their specialty major and an elective of their choice and includes a daily recreation period and nightly campfire program. Sugarloaf is an overnight camp that runs Sunday to Saturday for both of the two sessions. The staff includes many El Dorado County teachers and many Sugarloaf alumni.

Living Groups

Students are assigned to same-gender living groups consisting of eight to twelve campers, grouped by similar ages and/or grade levels but including students involved in a variety of camp programs. Each living group is assigned one adult counselor. Counselors participate in meal times and organized events with their assigned groups, as well as sleep in the same cabin with their groups. Cabin mate requests are granted as space permits and at the discretion of the camp director.


Three nutritious, balanced meals are provided in an enclosed cafeteria with fresh fruit and water also available to campers throughout the day. A limited amount of snacks and drinks are for sale at the Sugarloaf Student Store during afternoon recreational time.


Much of the campers’ day is organized around classes in their chosen majors and electives. Nearly four hours of instruction are offered in the major programs each day, with an additional hour devoted to elective activities. Major and elective classes meet throughout the morning and after dinner, with afternoons reserved for recreational activities.

Recreational Activities

Each afternoon campers have over three hours of recreational and leisure time with plenty of organized activities from which to choose. These include water activities, nature hikes, basketball, volleyball, Frisbee golf and many other activities. Campers can choose to become involved in the fun group activities, or to spend their leisure time pursuing individual interests, such as reading, writing, working on arts and crafts projects, rehearsing for talent night, or other interests. One of the many artistic activities at Sugarloaf that campers can choose to take part in is Henna face & arm painting.  While this activity is fun and safe for most students, some people have allergic reactions to certain henna paints.  Please advise your child to opt out of this activity if they have had any allergic reactions to henna and ask them to alert our staff if they have any reactions to the paint at camp.  Each evening, campers, counselors, and staff gather for an evening program that may include singing camp songs, a night hike, or talent show where campers and staff perform on stage.

Final Performance Day

We complete our week of camp on Saturday with a final performance for family and friends, showcasing the talents and week’s accomplishments of each camper through music, theater, and dance performances and an outdoor gallery of art, photography, and video productions. Parents and the public come to enjoy the display of performance and visual arts from the campers, with campers heading home at the conclusion of the afternoon program.

Please Note:
Participation in all rehearsals and in the final (Saturday) performance is required for campers enrolled in performance majors. Performance majors include all band sections,
A Cappella, Vocal Ensemble, Dance and Theater.

Campers must be committed to the entire camp session.
This is a limited enrollment performing arts camp and the final performance is a vital component of the camp experience.
Therefore, any camper that leaves camp early and does not perform in the Saturday performance will be disqualified from attending Sugarloaf Camp for the following year.