The Theater major is offered both Session 1 & Session 2

Theater classes require that you have a serious interest and aptitude for the selected subject and preferably be enrolled in a theater program, either in or outside school. If an instructor’s recommendation is not possible, please attach a theater resume or brief description of your experience in theater.

Students will be encouraged to challenge themselves and tap into their personal best on stage and off as they work towards the goals of the ensemble.


A monologue will be required. ALL theater majors MUST prepare a 1-minute monologue to perform at auditions. You must be prepared to audition the day you arrive at camp. At least two weeks before camp, choose and memorize a monologue, approximately one minute in length, which demonstrates your level of ability. No original material may be included in your audition. A monologue is usually defined as one character’s thoughts or lines with a conflict. Do not choose a poem, song lyrics, scene from a movie, or phone conversation. You can find a good monologue from one of your favorite plays. You may be asked to sing and/or dance.

Important: Theater students who do not arrive prepared to audition with a monologue may be switched to another major.

Attention 2024 Session 1 Campers: If you have any special performance skills appropriate for a PG “caberet” format (juggling, gymnastics, dance, ventriloquist, stand-up comedy, other…) please come prepared to demonstrate this at auditions.

Experience Level

Students will identify the category that best describes their theater experience.


  • Oral interpretation
  • Skits at school, church, camp, etc.


  • 1-2 years high school theater
  • Community theater (ensemble)


  • 3 years high school theater
  • Featured roles in Community Theater (not melodramas); professional theater

Campers enrolled in the Theater major should also select an elective.

Please Note

Theater majors are required to stay through their Final Performance.