The Video Production major is offered Session 2 only.

Students should be interested in mastering the technical aspects of videography and in producing creative and exciting videos!

Video enrollment is limited to 12 campers in each session.

Our video major provides students with the opportunity to explore their interest in video camera techniques, digital video editing, music track creation, and high-tech equipment. Through creation of a short video by weeks-end, students share ideas and learn to master the technical aspects of videography in this fast-paced, deadline-oriented environment. Students are not required to bring video cameras, but due to limited resources in the class, students are permitted and encouraged to bring video cameras if possible. Campers will be contacted prior to camp with further details regarding this class. Special note: Since the projects will focus on 3-5 minute story-telling videos, no stunt or Tik-Tok style videos will be made.

In the video class, students will:

  • Plan, make storyboards, and write scripts.
  • Learn video camera techniques including framing, composition, and creative shooting.
  • Edit a complete video project on the latest editing software.
  • Incorporate current music or create their own music tracks.
  • Work in groups with current, up-to-date software and equipment to create highly expressive video productions.
  • Utilize current technology such as green screen and teleprompters.
  • Students will work in a collaborative environment where each group works on their own video and will also help other groups complete their work. It is a true team effort that let’s each group make the best video they can!

Registration Requirements

  • All applicants for Video must have completed 7th grade.
  • Have attended at least one prior year of Sugarloaf Camp in any major.
  • Campers do not select an elective when applying for Video Production.

Please Note

For the final Program on Saturday, all Photography, Textile Arts, Video Arts, and Visual Arts campers are expected to remain on site and should not remove projects prior to the completion of the final performance.