The Visual Arts major is offered both: Session 1 & Session 2

Visual Arts at Sugarloaf are for students with a strong interest in visual expression, who have a willingness to work hard, an open mind to new ideas and techniques and a love for turning their ideas into art. Daily progress toward drawing competencies is required of all students. Topics such as proportion, shape, composition, shading, portraiture, and creating space will likely be covered as part of group sessions every morning.

Beginning Sugarloaf artists receive considerable guidance on fundamental drawing techniques and will also be able to choose their area of interest from several challenging and fun mediums. More experienced artists are able to work in the projects that are presented to the class but may also choose to do independent study within the medium of their choice.

The Visual Arts major is offered during both sessions.

Campers enrolled in the Visual Arts major should also select an elective.

Please Note:

For the final Program on Saturday, all Photography, Textile Arts, Video Arts, and Visual Arts campers are expected to remain on site and should not remove projects prior to the completion of the final performance.