Wake up to the sound of music, new friends, an assembly and meal with the entire camp; clean and organize your cabin, and it’s off to major class. 

Major class meets in the morning and evening, and your elective follows your morning major. After lunch and a brief “flat-on-back” (F.O.B.) period, you have the entire afternoon to yourself, though you will surely share it with new friends. You can practice for your major, play games, join in the activities planned by our coordinators, or enjoy a snack from the camp store. After your fun afternoon, it’s mealtime again, then off to evening class. And what would camp be without an evening program? Our campfire program is one of the favorite parts of most campers’ day. With songs, skits, and loads of entertainment, who could pass it up? After all the fun, it’s time for bed for a good night’s sleep because tomorrow, it all happens again!

The Sugarloaf experience is the merging of the spirit of the arts and the camaraderie of good kids working together for a week outside their normal restrictions and society’s limitations. Campers and staff come together to create an all-new society of cooperation and support for one another. The freedom that comes from leaving normal routines, parents, guardians, and siblings behind for a week allows kids to develop as creative, independent, and confident individuals. Shy, unconfident children regularly find their zone at Sugarloaf. Children with skills left untapped and unappreciated daily impress campers and staff as they discover hidden or dormant strengths and talents.  At Sugarloaf, talent swirls in the air; musicians inspire artists, and photographers capture singers. 

The camp provides a unique opportunity for artistic cross-pollination due to its multidisciplinary student body.