Our day begins at 6:30 am, with lights out at 10:00 pm, filled with various instruction, recreational activities, free time, meals, and evening programs.

Your Living Group

You will be assigned to a living group with approximately eleven other campers around the same age and grade as you but from various areas of study. An adult counselor will remain with you at meals, organized events, and overnight. Your counselor is there to help you have a fun and rewarding camp experience. Counselors are usually former campers, so you can ask them questions, get help with talent night ideas, and more. You will also get a chance to make new friends, be part of a team, and participate in living group activities (including a competition for the prized Golden Broom!).

The oldest boys’ living groups (B1 and B2 ) will again be housed in tents at the top of the hill in Tent City and B3 in the “Lower Woods.” Each tent will have an army-style cot for each camper and space for personal belongings. The gym has restrooms and shower facilities down the hill from this living area. 

You will be notified before camp if you are assigned to one of these residing groups.


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided in the cafeteria daily, with fresh fruit and water available throughout the day. A limited amount of snacks and drinks are for sale at the Sugarloaf Student Store during afternoon recreational time. Assemblies just before meal times offer organized games, inner-camp mail, and US mail distribution, and entertainment. Right after lunch, the camp breaks for what we call F.O.B. (Flat on Back). This is a quiet time to nap, write letters to other campers, friends, and family, or talk quietly with your cabin group. After your final class for the day, a small, nutritious snack is provided just before the evening program for an extra treat!


Each day includes two classes in your major. The first class begins just after breakfast and cabin cleanup. After a break, you move to your elective class just before lunch. After dinner, you will have one more session in your major class.


Each afternoon, you will have over three hours of recreation and leisure time with plenty of organized activities. You can choose to get involved with group activities or use the time for your individual interests. Each night after class, we offer an evening program for campers, counselors, and staff with singing, a night hike, and talent showcases where campers and staff perform on stage. Through songs, skits, and readings, groups and individuals can share and explore their interests in artistic expression outside of the class setting.