To ensure a diverse arts experience and allow campers the opportunity to explore other creative abilities, campers also participate in an “Elective” class each day.

Please Note: Campers enrolled in Black & White Photography, Digital Slideshow, Digital Audio Recording and Video Production do not select an elective as their major classes will continue instruction and projects during the elective time period.

Elective classes are offered in both of our summer sessions. However, some of our classes are only offered during one of our summer sessions, please review the Electives table below to see which session each class is offered.

Session 1 Session 2
Art Elective Art Elective
Basic Acoustic Guitar Basic Acoustic Guitar
Intermediate Guitar Intermediate Guitar
Brass Ensemble Crafts
Crafts Dance
Dance Dance – Jazz
Ensemble Singing Jazz Improvisation – Beginning
Jazz Ensemble Jazz Improvisation – Intermediate
Learn Another Band Instrument Playwriting
Playwriting Acting
Theater Improvisation – Beginning Improv Theater Improvisation
Theater Improvisation – Devising Theater “Elective TBA”
Woodwind Ensemble