Sugarloaf Fine Arts Camp offers a wide variety of quality fine arts programs that provide the foundation for the camper’s experience at Sugarloaf. Each camper chooses a primary program, or “Major”, for the week. To ensure a diverse arts experience and allow campers the opportunity to explore other creative abilities, campers (except for those enrolled in Photography, Video, or Digital Music) also participate in an “Elective” class each day.

Each day, students participate in several class sessions in their Major, and one session in their chosen Elective choice. Before applying, please read all of the supporting camp materials, including the major and elective course descriptions and prerequisites. When completing the application, you will have the opportunity to choose up to 3 majors, in order of priority. While you are not required to choose more than one major, it is our expectation that you have met the prerequisites for any that you do select.

Taking advantage of the scenic forested beauty of our camp setting, most of our classes are held outdoors, under the majestic Ponderosa pines. Our Major Programs and Electives are led by the highest caliber teachers who have a passion for helping students explore and discover their artistic potentials and have a lot of fun in the process. Most of our Major and Elective classes are offered in both of our summer sessions. However, some of our programs are only offered during one of our summer sessions, please review the major and elective descriptions carefully.

To be eligible, students will need to have completed fifth grade and not yet completed twelfth grade by July of the year of camp. Further details on majors and electives can be found by clicking on the appropriate links in the left hand column.