Suggestions to Help You Enjoy Camp

  • Bring a skit, monologue, song, or music you might want to perform at talent night
  • Keep a diary or journal of your experiences
  • Take every opportunity to improve your art skills
  • Take part in recreational activities
  • Sit next to and introduce yourself to a new friend at each meal
  • Write letters to your family about what you are learning, seeing, doing, etc. (stamps will be available for purchase at the Sugarloaf Student Store)
  • Explore new ideas and activities
  • Use a camera (remember to bring your own film)
  • Enjoy and appreciate the natural surroundings in and around camp
  • Take part in and enjoy the evening programs
  • Talk with counselors and staff
  • Talk with other campers about what they are learning at camp, school, and in the arts

Simple Rules to Help Everyone Enjoy Camp

  • Keep your living area and personal belongings neat and clean
  • Stay within the camp boundaries and out of the gym unless you are participating in an organized activity with your instructor or counselor
  • Be on time for meals, classes, and organized activities
  • Do not cut or break trees, shrubs, or harm any part of your natural surroundings
  • Report to the nurse right away if you are hurt or ill
  • NO smoking or drinking and do not bring alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs to camp!
  • Dress appropriately and wear appropriate shoes for the activity in which you are involved

Sugarloaf Student Store

The Sugarloaf Student Store will have a variety of snacks and drinks available for purchase during recreation time. The Student Store will also provide postcards, stamps, batteries and some sundries for purchase. The store supplies film for Photography students and will not supply film for other campers. Campers are not required to bring money to camp. If you would like to buy items from the Student Store during the week, you are encouraged to bring no more than $20.00 cash to camp. Items will cost $.50 to $1.00 per item and will be available only during recreation time.


A special themed silk-screen (ink to fabric) that is unique for each week will be offered to imprint on a shirt, sweatshirt, pillowcase, etc. for $1.00 per item (all money raised benefits camp scholarships!). This fun activity is a great way to commemorate your camp year. Each year the screens are different and special to your camp experience. Some Sugarloaf staff members have silk-screens dating back 20 or more years!

Please mark ALL items with camper’s name in permanent ink to prevent loss and mix-ups. If we cannot identify an item that is left behind at camp, we will donate it to charity.

Food Reminder

Food and drinks are NOT permitted in living groups under ANY circumstance.
Do NOT bring food with you in suitcases or other personal belongings. Ants and other woodland creatures are attracted to and will go to great lengths to get at food!
Parents, we also request that you do not send food to your camper through the mail.
Campers will receive three balanced meals per day and healthy snacks, fruit, and water will be available to campers throughout the day. In addition, other snack food and drink items are available for purchase at the Sugarloaf Student Store during Recreation time in the afternoon.