Sessions Offered: 1 & 2

Photography students should have a strong interest in the visual experience through photography and learning about the digital SLR camera. This class provides instruction in photography fundamentals to start the week and students will continue developing these skills shooting photos to be manipulated within computer software.  The course emphasis is on photographic technique, creativity and visual expression.
Students who take this class for multiple years will explore more advanced topics and techniques. Students should be able to work well independently.

Digital Photography enrollment is limited to 15 campers in each session and the class runs through the elective period so students do not select an elective.

Digital Photography Registration Requirements

  • All applicants must have completed the 7th grade.
  • Digital Photo students will remain in class during Elective time so they do not select a separate elective.

Digital Photography Equipment Requirements

Students are encouraged to bring a fully adjustable digital camera with memory card to camp.  This can be a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) or a simpler model that still has the ability to select exposure modes (including manual), shutter speeds and apertures using knobs, rings or buttons.  Please do not bring a “point and shoot” or a model that requires changing exposure through a menu requiring several steps. Students without a DSLR can reserve one by contacting the Photography Program Director. John Echols, 530-913-5457.