Sessions Offered: 1 & 2

The Black & White Film Photography class is designed to meet the needs of beginning, intermediate and advanced students who have an interest in black and white photography and the use of traditional SLR film cameras and developing techniques. The Black & White class offers a unique artistic experience to campers that is very different from shooting and working with digital media.

This class allows students to learn basic photography skills such as composition, choosing apertures, shutter speeds and lighting using SLR cameras in the Photography Fundamentals portion of the class. Students who already have this experience will forge ahead, building upon their knowledge with specialized instruction and experience.

All students will learn to develop and print film utilizing darkroom film processing with an emphasis on creativity and visual expression. Students must be able to work independently.

Black & White Photography enrollment is limited to 15 campers in each session and the class runs through the elective period so students do not select an elective. Note: There is no limit to the number of times a student may take this major.

Black & White Film Photography Registration Requirements

  • All applicants must have completed the 7th grade.
  • Black & White Photo students will remain in class during Elective time so they do not select a separate elective.

Black & White Equipment Requirements

  • Students are encouraged to bring a 35mm SLR film camera with extra batteries that has the ability to select exposure modes (including manual), shutter speeds and apertures using knobs, rings or buttons. Flash is optional. Please be sure the camera and flash are in good working condition. Cameras are available for loan by contacting the Photography Program Director, John Echols on the number below.
  • Five rolls of Ilford Black and White film will be provided to each student at the first class meeting for no additional cost.

If you have any questions, call John Echols at 530-913-5457.