The Dance major is offered Session 2 only.

In the Dance major class, students will:

  • Learn proper dance warm-up techniques.
  • Learn strength and flexibility exercises.
  • Execute proper technique in various dance combinations (including turns and jumps).
  • Learn an expressive dance routine.
  • Learn to express your own personal style and personality in your performance.
  • Perform a show-stopping number at the end of the week!


  1. All applicants must have had at least 2 years of previous dance experience including ballet or jazz.
  2. Be ready to AUDITION with a dance routine that is 1-2 minutes long. Your routine should demonstrate dance technique (pointed toes, proper turn-out, extended lines, etc.) and added personality & character is a plus!
  3. It is recommended that your routine include some of the following:
    – grand jetés
    – chaîné turns
    – piqué turns
    – pirouettes

Student Choreographers

Dance major students also have the opportunity to be selected as a student choreographer in addition to being accepted into the dance major.  Student choreographers will be guided through the process of dance-making, in addition to dancing in a group routine. It is recommended that dancers wishing to be a student choreographer be at an intermediate to advanced level in their dance training. Dancers interested in being selected as a student choreographer should be interested in exploring their own movement and learning how to incorporate choreographic principles into their performance pieces. Student choreographers must audition with a self-choreographed routine, be able to articulate an idea for the dance they would like to choreograph for a small group and provide several possible music selections for their dance.

Campers enrolled in the Dance major should also select an elective.